Nitro Bond™ provides a long lasting cementing solution through its improved mechanical properties. This low density cement slurry can be pumped down the hole in weaker formations to create effective isolation and bond without fracturing the formation. In addition, Nitro Bond™ further prevents loss circulation and enhances wellbore integrity and longevity.

Nitro Bond™ foam cement is generated by entrapping bubbles of gas (usually nitrogen) into the base cement and stabilizing the mixture with the help of a foaming agent. Due to its higher compressibility and ductility when compared to conventional cement, Nitro Bond™ offers flexibility to absorb higher casing pressures and other pipe stresses involved in oil and gas operations, thereby, maintaining well integrity.

Typical field process for foam cement jobs (flow schematic shown) would involve mixing of pre-designed blend of base cement slurry. Calculated amount of stabilizing foamer is added to this base slurry and this mixture is pumped to the wellhead by cementing pumps. Nitrogen is injected into this mixture right before it reaches the cement injector line at the wellhead. Nitrogen is injected into the liquid mixture at very high pressure to create stable foam.

NitroBond Blend Details

Foamed Cement

Spinnaker NitroBond cement provides superior cementing solutions to wells which are drilled in weaker formations or formations with lower frac gradient. NitroBond cement has exceptional mechanical properties, variable densities and extremely low permeability for excellent zonal isolation and bonding between the formation and casing annulus.
  • Foam Density: 9.0 - 15.0 ppg.
  • Base Density: 12.0 - 17.0 ppg.
  • Quality: 15% - 35%
  • Sustainable BHCT: 80F - 250F+
  • Design: STD/PRM+POZ
  • Thickening Time: 3 - 8 hrs
  • Ultimate Compressive Strength: 400-1500 psi
  • Free Water: None
  • Fluid Loss: <50 mL/30 min.


Long lasting cement solution with improved mechanical properties

Low density slurry allows pumping into weaker formations

Reduced hydrostatic head minimizes lost-circulation in thief zones

Maintains constant pressure even before setting that prevents water/gas influx at shallower depths

Each NitroBond slurry design is tested according to API standards in the laboratory to deliver high quality cement blend