Cement Lab

Spinnaker’s cement lab facility allows our engineers to develop cement slurry designs for specific well needs. Our test procedures and the instruments utilized are in strict compliance with industry standards and this allows us to deliver high quality and consistent product to all our customers.

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Maintenance Shop

  • Our maintenance shop comprises of four full size and adequately equipped bays to carry out any kind or maintenance of our fleet within the facility.
  • We have 24-7 maintenance staff on-call for accurate and quick maintenance of all equipment.
  • Our effective and efficient preventative maintenance program on all equipment is done completely in-house with excellent records-keeping.
  • On site spare parts room available

    Bulk Facility

  • Fully functional bulk plants in two different basins.
  • Fully operational pressure/vacuum bulk plant equipped with automatic samplers.
  • Dry Cement storage capacity of approximately 50,000 cubic feet with plans of expansion in place.
  • Calibrated weigh-scales incorporated in scale and blend tanks for accurate measurements.
  • Complete line of dry and liquid cementing additives housed in the climate-controlled bulk plant building.