We use the most modern and durable high-pressure, high-rate equipment designed for complex, technically demanding projects. Our equipment comes with automatic density control densitometers and wireless real-time data acquisition systems and commercial vehicle telematics.

1,200 HP Double Pump Cementing Units with ADC, Recirculating Mixer & Wireless Data Acquisition

This unit utilizes two  600 HP pumps driven by Caterpillar C-18, 630 BHP engines through Allison 4750 OFS transmissions.  The hydraulic power unit is powered by a CAT C7-300 BHP engine.  Three (3) C-Pumps are used to recirculate and boost slurry, and provide mixing water for the unit.  The high energy mixing system utilizes an 8 barrel mixing tank to reliably mix the most difficult slurries and with automatic density controls.

The auto density control system uses measured values for density, water rate, slurry design factors and the cement metering valve position to determine the new cement valve position.  This is recalculated every second, adjusting the proportional cement metering valve as needed to maintain the slurry density within +/- 0.2 lb/gal.

This unit has two 3″ nonradioactive densitometers for precision blending.

Bulk Cement Equipment

The Spinnaker Bulk 660 unit consists of two 310-cf ASME certified pressure vessels. The vessels have a 36-psi working pressure at -20° to 190° F temperature range. The independently mounted Compressor package consists of an 81-hp Tier III C4.4 Caterpillar engine and an APOG Gardner Denver Compressor with an auto-shut down system.

The Spinnaker Bulk 1600 unit includes four 422-cf ASME pressure vessels rated at 40-psi, and a Tier III C4.4 Caterpillar diesel engine driving a APOG Gardner Denver air compressor skid.

Cement Bulk Plant This new system enables operators to obtain consistent, high-quality cement slurries by mixing the correct proportions of dry material and chemicals.

  • Precision blending tub for dry additives
  • Batch blending
  • Electronic scale system
  • 16,000-cf storage capacity
  • Two 400-cf blending tanks
  • One 400-cf scale tank
  • Automated controls
  • Calibrated and certified scales
  • Fast loading times

Acidizing Equipment

600 HP Acid Spec Pump / Kill Truck

  • Gardner-Denver 600 HP Pump with 3.5” and 4.5” plungers
  • 2015 Kenworth T800 with 600 HP engine
  • Up to 10,394 PSI Working Pressure
  • Up to 15 BPM Flow Rate
  • Mechanical drive
  • Computerized instrumentation and data logging
  • 130 bbl two compartment Acid Spec vacuum tank trailer

130BBL Stainless Steel Acid Vacuum Tanker

  • Vacuum Tank Trailer, DOT 407/412 spec, ASME “U” Stamp Certified 316 Stainless Steel all wetted surface tank, all other components 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Design Pressure: 35 PSI Internal and 15 PSI External, 53 PSIG Hydrostatic Test.
  • Over Turn Protection: Fully DOT complainant as required (pipe construction with longitudinal bracing)

Chemicals Bulk Plant Advanced chemical blending and storage facility capable of mixing and storing large quantities of chemical products while adhering to most stringent HSE requirements.

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